Friday, June 19, 2015

Must See TV: SC Rep. Hammers Fox News' 
Bill O'Reilly Over Obama Birther Scandal

South Carolina State Representative-(D) Todd Rutherford on The O'Reilly Factor last night told Bill O'Reilly to his face that Fox News' reporting is to blame for the church shooting in SC. Specifically the Obama ineligibility scandal.

Asked by O'Reilly if he stands by similar comments he made on CNN about Fox reporting Rutherford said:

It is disturbing to most African-Americans to watch as Fox News continues to cover stories as to whether the pResident is truly the President, whether he was born in this country, whether his birth certificate is legitimate.

After O'Reilly did a little shuck and jive Rutherford expanded by telling O'Reilly:

News stories like whether the pResident is a citizen of the United States. That's not news. That's fallacy! ... That was carried on your network, on Fox News, for years! ... Any person born to a US citizen woman would be a US citizen child. 
( Video via Fox News @ Mediaite. )

The reality is MSNBC broadcast far more birther related segments than Fox News ever did. In fact, Rutherford and Obama should be thanking Fox News for their close to a complete blackout on the topic of Obama's background.

When Fox News wasn't ignoring birther news they were attacking and ridiculing so-called birthers.

You can see for yourself here, here, here, herehere, and here.

Rutherford clearly doesn't watch Fox News. I wonder if Rutherford's attack on Fox News and the birther issue may have had something to do with Rutherford's private phone conversation with Obama on Thursday morning?

Don't forget Barry Obama himself has incorrectly blamed Fox News for the very same thing...

Rutherford's either a liar or he's not fit for office due to a possible head/brain injury?