Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Dog Fight: Obama Birth Certificate Makes It 
Into Another Sheriff Joe Arpaio Federal Lawsuit

The son of anti-birther Jeff Flake is now suing Sheriff Arpaio and cites the Obama birth certificate investigation.

Excerpts via ABC-15:

Gilbert 23 update: Sheriff Joe Arpaio sued over Gilbert dog case 
The 14-page lawsuit was filed on Friday and claims Arpaio directed his deputies to target them because of their name 
Read the entire lawsuit here
Austin and Logan Flake are each looking for $4 million in damages. 
According to the lawsuit, Arpaio considered running against Senator Jeff Flake, Austin's dad, in 2011.  The lawsuit also points out Flake publicly criticized the so-called "birther movement" and Arpaio's investigation into where President Barack Obama was born.

The lawsuit reads,' Arpaio specifically targeted plaintiffs Austin and Logan Flake, partly for the benefit of harming Senator Flake, a politician who had disagreed with him on such issues as immigration and the legitimacy of the President's birth certificate." 
The lawsuit  also claims Arpaio directed a detective to lie to the grand jury. It also says MCSO conducted surveillance on Senator Flake and his wife at their home. 
The Flakes, along with the owners of the Green Acre boarding facility , Jess Todd and Maleisa Hughes, were arrested and at one point facing multiple felony animal abuse charges after 21 dogs died at the facility in June 2014
The Flakes were put in charge of the facility and animals’ care while the Hughes were out of town, according to officials. On June 21, 2014, the Flakes woke up and found many of the dogs dead or in distress. 
The charges against the Flakes and Hughes were dismissed in January because the case presented to the grand jury did not account for possible issues with the air conditioning unit. However, the Hughes were re-indicted on 21 charges in May. [...] ABC-15.

Another report can be read at Fox 10 Phoenix.

Washington America notes:

I don’t think the obots are going to win the peta compassion for pets award with this one. 
Part of the story is how they tie this to birther and sheriff joe, but the big story here is is the treatment of the dogs, which somehow was terribly overlooked. and of course, we have yet still to see that darned obama birth certificate. [...] BIN.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio's full response posted yesterday at Sheriff Joe's Facebook:

My statement on the Austin and Logan Flake lawsuit that was filed friday: 
The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office took the investigation into last year’s untimely death of 21 dogs boarded at the Green Acres facility in Gilbert very seriously. We conducted a thorough and professional examination into the facts which caused the deaths of these pets. The investigation, when completed, led to the indictments of Todd and Maleisa Hughes as well as Austin and Logan Flake. My Office stands by this investigation and the work of our professional and dedicated animal crimes unit detectives. The allegation being made by Flake’s attorney that this investigation was in any way politically motivated is completely false. ‪#‎Gilbert23‬ [...] Facebook.