Thursday, June 4, 2015

Tom Lacovara, 
Will Be The Guest

Thomas Robert Lacovara-Stewart

Tom is a Constitutional and historical researcher and investigative journalist and is a former NJ Fire Fighter. Vehicle Extrication Technician and Crash Rescue and HAZ MAT Tech. Tom has become become a active liberty activist, most recently he went to encamp and cover the Bundy Ranch Situation. Tom covered the unfolding event on the Radio Broadcast daily from the location, and gave watch for security.

Tom rode in the lead truck in the Truckers Ride For the Constitution and coordinated main stream media for the event. He worked with the “Ride”, and assisted FOX News get the footage LIVE, and assisted with media interview coordination for the event accommodating RT, CNN, the Wall Street Journal. Tom still is a staff writer on Patriots Ride For the Constitution as well as on several blogs including this one, and is heard on the Republic Broadcasting Network, PNN, and Radio, Satellite, Short Wave, and Internet.

Tom delivered a speech in Washington D.C. at the  Reclaim America Now Coalition Rally,  where Tom was honored to deliver his speech among such fine Americans such as Larry Klayman, Sheriff Mack, Admiral James “Ace” Lyons, Joseph Farah , JB Schaffner, and many other fine individuals …the series of speeches were across from the White House in Lafayette Park. Tom called for accountability for those who committed treason in Benghazi and so many more “Constitutional” violations……and so many more scandals.

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