Monday, June 15, 2015

Deception: Obama's No Different Than Phony Black 
NAACP Chapter President; America In La La Land!?

Most by now know about Rachel Dolezal, the Socialist teacher/Spokane Police Obudsman/NAACP-Spokane President, in Washington state, who for a decade pretended to be black even though she was born to two white parents.

And, a Black Lives Matter radical activist. Today she resigned from her NAACP position and was removed from EWU.

She's reportedly under investigation for allegedly falsifying information on various applications.

Friday night's The Kelly File on Fox News had a great panel discussion about Rachel's deception with 3 Americans and 1 Socialist. You could almost swap her manufactured story with Obama's manufactured story.

( Video via Fox News )

Obama's pretending to be an American and was probably represented as foreign citizen in his college records.
Obama falsified information on his Illinois bar application which is likely why he didn't renew his law license. Obama definitely represented himself as born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia for sixteen years.

Obviously it is not illegal to pretend to be someone or something you're not but it is illegal to falsify information on government applications and it is certainly unethical to do it on official business applications.

Obama confidant and race pimp Al Sharpton actually blamed Rachel's parents. I guess one shouldn't be surprised being Al's very tight with the greatest con of 'em all; Barack Hussein Obama a.k.a. Barry Soetoro

The irony of the Rachel story is  >>> She didn't even have to pretend to be black ,,,