Sunday, June 7, 2015

Australian Media: It Is Against The U.S. 
Constitution To Have A Foreign-Born President

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot has two things in common with Barack Hussein Obama a.k.a. Barry Soetoro; They both held/hold British citizenship and they both refuse to release conclusive proof of their citizenship status.

Excerpt via Brisbane Times:

Here, friends, is a key and interesting difference between the US and Australia. 
When Barack Obama was elected as President, nutters of all descriptions emerged from the woodwork maintaining that despite ample evidence to the contrary – including his birth certificate, and two notices in local newspapers – he was born in Kenya, not Hawaii. If true, his presidency would be invalid, as it is against the US Constitution to have a foreign-born president. The "birther movement" itself was born, led by Donald Trump, and still sputters on, though it is so discredited now, to say you're a "birther," is shorthand for "I'm a loon." 
Here in Australia, there has been, true, a little muted rumbling over whether or not our own Prime Minister retains dual citizenship with Britain, which would be against our own Constitution, but it has never developed into a mass movement. 
Most Australians it seems, even those who disagree with the Prime Minister on just about everything, accept that he was democratically elected, and have no desire to see him ruled out on what would be really no more than a technicality. A compelling piece written this week, however, by the editor of Independent Australia, has gone viral, with 8.8 K likes on Facebook, and 1.4 K tweets. 
It notes that, whatever else, the PM was not an Australian at all until the age of 21 when he was obliged to be one to get his Rhodes Scholarship. And it notes his refusal to show the form which really proves he "has renounced his British citizenship." We'll see. All up, the easiest thing to kill it stone-dead would be to produce the form.          [...] Continued @ Brisbane Times.

Gotta love how these hacks continue to attack and disparage anyone simply asking that CONSTITUTIONAL REQUIREMENTS be enforced and upheld... For most birthers that I know the real issue was Barack Obama's lack of two U.S. CITIZEN ParentS at the time of his birth >>> His "natural born Citizen" status, or lack thereof.