Thursday, May 21, 2015

Unreal: Senator Ted Cruz Addresses His Article II 
Natural Born Citizen Status; What Federal Law?

Ann commented here yesterday:
Cruz was on the radio today. The host asked him to clear up the misunderstanding and confusion about his citizenship. Cruz said he was born in Calgary to an American mother and that makes him a natural born citizen. The conservative host didn't question him or challenge him.
( Audio via Joe Pags )

Canadian-born Cruz says under federal law he's a "natural born Citizen" and eligible to be POTUS.

The reality is there's no federal law that makes a foreign born person an Article II "natural born Citizen" as required to be president or vice-president. In fact, I will shut this site down if any person can point out the active federal law that makes a foreign born person a "natural born Citizen" and eligible to be POTUS. It is impossible!

Aside from Article II there's no federal law or any part of the USC that contains the word "natural born Citizen"...

Cruz also cites Romney's father's birth in Mexico as precedent ignoring the fact that shortly after congressional discussions were held on Romney's Article II constitutional ineligibility he dropped out of the race for POTUS.

Then there is the important issue on whether Cruz's parents became "naturalized" Canadian citizens.

As Bluecat6 notes:

Born in Canada to Canadian parents. 
Father has said he - and Cruz's mother - naturalized as Canadian citizens. When?

As much as I agree with Senator Cruz's policies this one issue shows him to be no different than Obama.