Tuesday, May 5, 2015

South Carolina GOP Vice-Chair: I Was Born In 
America; I Have My Birth Certificate To Prove It

Nse Ekpo, Second Vice Chairman for the South Carolina Republican Party, reportedly wisecracked about something that would typically get any other Conservative vilified in the press. The almighty birth certificate and birthplace.

David Weasel barely notes @ Bloomberg Politics:

     [...] David Weigel @ Bloomberg Politics.

I'm surprised the Obama-Weasel didn't outright accuse Ekpo of being a stupid racist for his wisecrack...

Oh wait, he couldn't!! ... ...He's a musical organizer!?


The answer Dave Weigel should sleuth out is is if Ekpo's remark was influenced by the Obama Article II ineligibility issue and/or the forged birth certificate(s) issue. Or maybe someone else's? Inquiring minds want to know!

I tried to tweet Weigel to see if he could get this answered but forget he blocked Birther Report on Twitter. :-(