Saturday, May 16, 2015

Iowa Press: Governor Bobby Jindal Questioned About 
U.S. Citizen Status; What About Obama's Citizenship!?

Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal was asked on Iowa Press if he's a U.S. citizen and why he released his birth certificate. What IP should've asked was if Jindal is an Article II "natural born Citizen" as required to be POTUS.

Of course they would never ask Obama those same questions. That would be waaacist!


Transcript via Iowa Press:

Borg: Kay has been trying to get a question in. 
Henderson: You came to this country because your mother was recruited to teach here and do research here, correct? 
Jindal: She came as a student at LSU. So she was a graduate student and so she actually was, she was recruited as a student. She was a teaching assistant. But yes, she was recruited mainly to be a student. 
Henderson: I've run into republicans who want to know, are you a citizen? 
Jindal: Yes. 
Henderson: And you have released your birth certificate. Why did you feel compelled to do that? 
Jindal: Just out of transparency. People kept asking and why not? We've got nothing to hide. I was born at Woman's Hospital where two of our three children were also born, the same hospital in Baton Rouge. My parents didn't have insurance to pay for me so my dad paid for me with monthly payments through cash, checks back then is how they did it. I like to tease people, he used a layaway plan. I said, I don't know how you pay for a baby like that because they can't repossess the baby. We had nothing to hide and Women's Hospital is a great hospital. They have moved to a new campus, show you how old I am, they have moved to a new campus since then. Alert viewers may have noted I said two of the three children were born at Women's Hospital. The third one, the eight-year-old we were talking about before, was the one that was born at home, not on purpose. It had nothing to do with politics or saving money. First child, 36 hours of labor. Second child, 24 hours of labor. Third child, 30 minutes of labor. And so that was the one that was born -- we were supposed to go to Woman's Hospital, we didn't quite make it.