Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Investigative Journalist: Fingernails Mismatch 
Reveals Obama Airport Photos Likely Digital Creations

Latest report from investigative journalist Alan Jones covers some of the questionable Obama family photos ...

Excerpt via Alan Jones @ 1776 Channel:

Apparent fingernails mismatch reveals Barack Obama airport ‘family photos’ are likely digital creations 
A 1776 Channel investigation has concluded that the airport family gathering portrayed in these images of Barack Obama Sr.’s Honolulu arrival or departure likely never happened. Both airport images appear to have been manufactured, perhaps to propel the official narrative of Barack Obama’s family history as told in his memoir “Dreams from My Father.” 
Barack Obama Sr. is wearing the same suit and tie in both images, yet has completely different looking left ‘hands’. [...] Full report @ 1776 Channel.

Alan Jones is an investigative journalist who published a series of groundbreaking stories at the Washington Times Communities. Several of those stories were subsequently covered by other media outlets, including World Net Daily, Infowars, Daily Caller, and New American.

If true, it is just more proof that Obama's background is a complete fabrication ...