Friday, May 15, 2015

Investigative Journalist: Airport Photo Update; Is 
Someone Other Than Obama Sr. Embracing Young Obama?

Investigative journalist Alan Jones published a follow-up to his recent report on the airport photos purporting to show Barack Obama, Sr. and Barack Obama, II meeting at the Honolulu International Airport.

Excerpts via Alan Jones @ 1776 Channel:

Some Obama researchers believe that Frank Marshal Davis is Barack Obama’s real father. That theory remains controversial, yet plausible. Video recently emerged of Barack Obama II. speaking about his memoir “Dreams from My Father” at a library in Cambridge, Massachusetts in XXXX. During that video, Barack Obama identifies his mentor “Frank” from the book as Frank Marshall Davis. Davis was a known communist operative with a lengthy FBI file. 
Other Obama researchers have suggested that Mohammad Subuh could be Barack Obama’s father. 
1776 Channel has reviewed images of the fingernails of both Subuh and Davis. The images of Davis’s fingernails were similar enough to those seen embracing young Barack Obama that they warrant further scrutiny. The images are provided here for readers to review and come to their own conclusions. 
The fingernail images in the Frank Marshall Davis photos may feature signs of clubbed fingers. 
[...] Full report @ 1776 Channel.