Friday, May 8, 2015

Here You Go: Veteran Broadcaster Seeks Info 
About Article II Natural Born Citizen Requirement

Veteran conservative radio broadcaster Michael Medved apparently believes the 14th Amendment makes one an Article II "natural born Citizen" even though at least five federal court jurisdictions determined that the "natural born Citizen" requirement has not been implicitly repealed by the 14th Amendment.

Medved also claims there's not one legal scholar that believes Obama, Cruz, or Rubio are ineligible. Ignoring Harvard educated law professor and former Special Assistant United States Attorney Herb Titus.

Marco notes:

I was in the truck earlier and happened to flip on Michael Medved's disagreement day. 
Medved is about as liberal as a so called conservative talker can get away with. 
He's saying to the caller "Why do you care about this issue so much?" 
Right then, I knew what this was about. 
MM says there's not a legitimate legal scholar anywhere who doesn't think Cruz, Rubio..all off them, are eligible. 
The caller says we were taught what an NBC was in the 60's in grade school. 
MM says "Where? I'd like to see proof of that." Then goes on to say that Rubio was born here and his parents lived here most of their lives. They were in the process of becoming US citizens..In America you get to start all over. 
To deny Marco the right to be POTUS is...Un -American! 
Last thing , he tells the caller "If you have anything to make your case, please send it to me @ michael blah blah..." 
Didn't catch it...but you boys who have this stuff on file know what to do now! 
Maybe BR could dig this up. [.] Marco.

Michael Medved's email: Medved's

Here you go ,,,