Thursday, May 14, 2015

Donald Trump Goes Birther On Obama: He 
Didn't Release Anything Or Prove Anything

On Tuesday of this week Donald Trump was asked if he has any regrets for going after Obama's birth certificate.

Trump responded:

No, not at all. NOT at all! Why would I regret it? In fact I have tremendous... You know 28% of the Republican party loves it, okay? 28% of the people love it. You know they've done polls on that? I have no regret. He never gave anything. I offered millions and millions... so I have no regret. I'm off to other subjects now but I have absolutely no regrets. I don't think he proved anything... He didn't release anything...  


If you read the print-article about the exchange you'd never know Trump panned Obama's birth certificate:

Excerpt via Boston Herald @ GOP USA:

       [...] Boston HeraldGOP USA.

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