Saturday, April 18, 2015

WikiLeaks: Obama Birth Certificate Lawyer & 
Legitimacy Fears Appear In Sony Email Dump

WikiLeaks published over 170,000 emails including more than 30,000 documents obtained in the recent Sony hack.

A sampling,,,

Sony CEO Michael Lynton keeps up with WND via email alerts:

Based on some of Lynton's emails he's a big Obama supporter and dropped $20K for someone else to meet and break bread with the One.

Lynton also encourages the editing of damaging historical details out documentaries.

Excerpt via WikiLeaks @ Gateway Pundit:

Hollywood Liberal Megastar Ben Affleck Has PBS Whitewash His Family’s Slave Owning History 
Gates: By the way, I need your advice: I’m on a flight to L.A. for the TCA Press Tour. We launch season two of Finding Your Roots tomorrow at noon, and four celebrities, including Nas, are showing up. Here’s my dilemma: confidentially, for the first time, one of our guests has asked us to edit out something about one of his ancestors–the fact that he owned slaves. Now, four or five of our guests this season descend from slave owners, including Ken Burns. We’ve never had anyone ever try to censor or edit what we found. He’s a megastar. What do we do? 
Lynton: On the doc the big question is who knows that the material is in the doc and is being taken out. I would take it out if no one knows, but if it gets out that you are editing the material based on this kind of sensitivity then it gets tricky. Again, all things being equal I would definitely take it out
Gates: All my producers would know; his PR agency the same as mine, and everyone there has been involved trying to resolve this; my agent at CAA knows. And PBS would know. To do this would be a violation of PBS rules, actually, even for Batman. 
Lynton: then it is tricky because it may get out that you made the change and it comes down to editorial integrity. We can talk when you land. 
Gates: Will call. It would embarrass him and compromise our integrity. I think he is getting very bad advice. I’ve offered to fly to Detroit, where he is filming, to talk it through. 
Lynton: Yeah,, the past is the past….. 
Gates: And he wasn’t even a bad guy. We don’t demonize him at all. Now Anderson Cooper’s ancestor was a real s.o.b.; one of his slaves actually murdered him. Of course, the slave was promptly hanged. And Anderson didn’t miss a beat about that. Once we open the door to censorship, we lose control of the brand. 
Lynton: Yes, bad idea.

Hopefully Lynton or Sony never oversees the making of a documentary of Obama's true background.

Embattled Sony Exec. Amy Pascal has countless emails from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee:

Most thus far I've dug through appear to be auto-generated campaign emails but there's plenty of politics.

If you didn't know Sony is packed full of hypocrite lefties... You can easily search the WikiLeaks dump here.