Thursday, April 9, 2015

Full Audio: BR Researcher Discusses Obama's 
Felony ID Fraud; American News Media Shamed!

Sorry fellow Constitutionalists a.k.a."Birthers" for the lack of posts this week. There's a reason and I will explain at a later date. Regular programming should commence on Monday. In the meantime,  Linda Jordan discusses Obama's manufactured background and her upcoming final report on deceased Hawaii DOH Director Loretta Fuddy.


Birther Report note: Patriot Linda Jordan has more integrity and guts than all of the mainstream news media combined. Shame on the American Mainstream News Media, the so-called Conservative News Media, most of the Conservative Blogosphere and the Spineless Cowards that occupy the Halls of Congress. Shame on all of Them!

Most people don't know the pond scum Obots ferociously attempted to get Linda Jordan prosecuted for running Obama's Connecticut Social Security Number through the Federal Government's Self E-Verify System.

The SSN failed and the pond scum Obots FAILED to get Linda prosecuted.

That says a lot!

Hats off to veteran radio broadcaster Peter Boyles for continuing to push the greatest crime in World History.