Thursday, April 2, 2015

Killing Birthers: Bill O'Reilly Says It Doesn't Matter 
If People Think Obama's Birth Certificate Is Fake

Democratic Strategist Jessica Ehrlich cited Obama's birth certificate to justify Senator Harry Reid's comments on the Senate Floor during the 2012 election where he erroneously accused Mitt Romney of not paying his taxes.

Bill O'Reilly fired back basically saying nobody used the Senate Floor to deceive the American people about Obama's birth certificate ignoring the fact that Obama used the White House website server to deceive the American people by publishing a felonious birth certificate.

Ehrlich then dragged out the race card saying people challenged Obama's place of birth because he's dark skinned ignoring the fact Senator John McCain and the father of Mitt Romney both had their Article II eligibility challenged.

O'Reilly ended the segment by saying it doesn't matter if people think Obama's birth certificate is fake...

( Video via Fox News. Hat tip guest. )

A friend suggested to me last night that O'Reilly's next blockbuster book/movie should be "Killing Birthers"...