Thursday, April 30, 2015

Boom: Kenya Media Going Nuts; Obama's Kenyan 
Family Raising Serious Doubts About Obama Paternity

The media in Kenya is now reporting that Obama's Kenyan family has disowned Obama and raise paternity doubts.

Excerpt via Kenya News:

OBAMA’s family str!ps him n@ked & brings out the devil in him – His visit is a waste of time 
Thursday April 30, 2015 - To Kenyans, US President Barack Obama is a great son of the land and a loving father and friend, however, to his family in Kogelo, Obama is a nightmare dressed as a dream or a devil disguised as an angel of hope. 
In an interview with film maker Mr. Joel Gilbert, who is working on a film about Obama’s book The Dreams from My Real Father, his elder brother, Malik Obama, brought out the real Obama with a devil’s face and str!pped him n@ked. [...] Kenya News.

Another news publication in Kenya took it a step further:

Excerpt via Kenyan Daily Post:

               [...] Kenyan Daily Post. Hat tip Joel Gilbert.

Joel Gilbert gave two interviews on this subject this week. Interview with Peter Boyles. Interview with Alex Jones.