Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Frank Marshall Davis Son's Hawaii Birth Certificate 
Helps Confirm Obama Birth Certificate(s) Forgery

A couple of years ago the son of Communist Party USA member Frank Marshall Davis, Mark Kaleokualoha Davis, published his Hawaii short-form birth certificate to his personal SodaHead profile. It has since been scantily mentioned around the interwebs including in a comment thread at ORYR back in 2012.

Could be wrong but I don't recall it ever being reported about here or other sites that cover the birther topic.

See if you can point out the difference(s)... Hat tip Hilda via Smart Retorts.

Mark Kaleokualoha Davis Hawaii short-form:

Barack Obama first Hawaii short-form:

Barack Obama second Hawaii short-form:

Note: The two Obama short-forms above are supposed to be the exact same document. Obama claims they requested the short-form from the state of Hawaii in 2008 yet the date stamp says it was issued by Hawaii in 2007.

Barack Obama Hawaii long-form:

They think you're stupid!