Friday, April 17, 2015

- image credit: alan jones -
Crickets: News Media Ignores Unearthed Video Of 
Obama Discussing Communist Frank Marshall Davis

The following shouldn't surprise anyone that's been following the saga surrounding Obama's background.

The news media will do whatever it takes to protect Obama and keep his true background hidden.

Excerpts via Alan Jones:

News media ignores unearthed video of Obama discussing communist Frank Marshall Davis 
(1776 Channel) Major cable and network news channels, print media and affiliated internet news outlets in the United States appear to be ignoring a recently unearthed video from 1995 in which Barack Obama confirms that “Frank” from the book “Dreams from my Father” is indeed Frank Marshall Davis. 
The video is important because it is the first known recorded admission made by Barack Obama that he was influenced and mentored by Frank Marshall Davis. 
Frank Marshall Davis was a community organizer and Communist Party USA member who was tracked by the FBI during the cold war. Some historians suspect that Davis had ties to Soviet KGB agents. It has even been speculated that Davis may have been a KGB agent himself, assisting the Soviets in engineering a Hawaii coup which could convert the cluster of Pacific islands into a Soviet satellite similar to Cuba. 
The New York Times has yet to issue a correction, or even mention the new video. 
The Washington Post has yet to report on the newly unearthed video. 
1776 Channel has not been able to find any evidence that CNN has covered the 1995 video in which Barack Obama mentions Frank Marshall Davis. 
The same came be said for Fox News and the big three network news channel. 
Google News and Bing News searches reveal just how scant coverage of the story has been. 
Preliminary searches of the official websites for conservative radio talk show hosts Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, both of whom have frequently linked Barack Obama to Frank Marshall Davis in past broadcasts, suggest that Rush and Hannity have yet to cover the Obama video story. 
1776 Channel was unable to find any evidence that the White House press corp has asked White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest to comment on the video. 
The reality for the millions of Americans who rely solely on major media outlets for their news remains as follows: Video proof that President Obama confessed that Frank Marshall Davis indoctrinated him simply does not exist. [...] Full report @ 1776 Channel.