Saturday, April 25, 2015

Contempt: Sheriff Arpaio Was Concerned About 
CIA Wiretaps; Obama ID Fraud Case Not Over 

Here's a roundup of Sheriff Arpaio's civil contempt trial for not following a judge's order to ignore existing law.

The left and their media supporters believe this is the end of Sheriff Arpaio and his Obama ID fraud investigation.

My sources in and around the MCSO suggests the complete opposite. The beat goes on. More on that later.

Excerpt via Adam Longo @ CBS-5:


Sheriff Joe Arpaio was concerned about CIA wiretaps on MCSO phones

Speaking on the stand and taking questions from the judge, MCSO chief deputy Jerry Sheridan said the department was working with a man named Dennis Montgomery who was identified as a former employee of the Central Intelligence Agency. 
Montgomery was a confidential informant, or CI for the sheriff's office. While living in Seattle, he purportedly gave information to MCSO about a CIA operation that was secretly gathering personal information on United States citizens, according to Sheridan. 
At one point while attempting to investigate the claims brought forth by Montgomery, Sheridan told the court, "Sheriff Arpaio and I were concerned about the CIA tapping our phones." 
Ultimately, according to Sheridan, after the expense and time spent on travel to Seattle and the investigations based on Montgomery's information, none of it was found to be credible. 
For his part, Arpaio sat patiently and appeared to listen intently to the testimony that continued Friday. When asked after the hearing what he wanted people to take away from the last four days, Arpaio said, "That we're honest." 
"I think there was plenty of evidence through the examination of these witnesses who work at MCSO that they're not being forthright with the public, with the people they're meant to serve," said ACLU attorney Cecillia Wong. 
The sheriff's office number two in command spent the entire day on the witness stand. Arpaio's right hand man, Chief Deputy Jerry Sheridan, claims he didn't know about the impact of Judge C. Murray Snow's order from December of 2011. [...] CBS-5.

Mike Zullo gets a mention during the hearing,,,

Excerpt via Aalia Shaheed @ Fox News:

Sheriff Arpaio drops court bombshell: His office investigated judge and his wife 
Arpaio also testified that he and Maricopa County Sheriff's Office member Mike Zullo conducted a secret investigation into a second matter "possibly" related to the judge himself. 
Snow ordered Arpaio turn over all documents related to the snooping – with the help of a court monitor so that things don't get lost, "inadvertently or otherwise." [...] Fox News.

The 6-time elected Sheriff is also under fire looking into comments made by Judge Snow's wife.

Excerpt via Jude Joffe-Block @ KJZZ 91.5:

Arpaio's Admission Of Investigation Into Judge's Wife Stuns Courtroom 
Snow asked Arpaio directly, “Are you aware that I have ever been investigated?” 
"You investigated?" Arpaio first responded. "No, no." 
When Snow asked if he knew of any investigations into Snow's family members, Arpaio denied his office was involved, but said his lawyers had hired a private investigator. 
“We weren’t investigating you, your honor,” Arpaio told Snow. “We were investigating some comments that came to our attention.” 
Arpaio revealed he had received an email tip from someone named "Grissom" about an alleged comment Snow’s wife was supposedly overheard making in a restaurant. When asked about the content of that email, Arpaio told Snow, "I think it mentioned that Judge Snow wanted to do everything to make sure I am not elected." 
Arpaio claimed that the investigator was able to confirm Snow's wife did make the comment. The judge asked Arpaio on Thursday to save all documentation about the investigation. 
One of the many questions raised by Arpaio's revelation is which attorney was involved in hiring the private investigator. When Snow asked in court, Arpaio said, “I believe it would have been Casey,” a reference to his former attorney, Tim Casey. 
Casey’s attorney, Karen Clark, said in a statement that Casey’s continuing ethical obligations to Arpaio and MCSO mean he has only a limited ability to respond to the statements made Thursday in court. 
“Mr. Casey is confident that when the evidence the Court’s monitor is gathering is reviewed, it will reveal that Mr. Casey was never involved in an investigation of Judge Snow or his family,” Clark wrote. 
Arpaio also testified that with the help of an MCSO Sheriff's Posse member named Mike Zullo, who was also behind the sheriff’s investigation of President Barack Obama’s birth certificate, he had hired a confidential informant in Washington state to investigate a second issue that may have involved Snow. 
Arpaio described it as an investigation into “computer tampering” and "bank fraud." His testimony suggested he was investigating whether the U.S. Department of Justice was intercepting communication from various judges, a law firm the sheriff uses, and the sheriff himself. Arpaio admitted the investigation hadn't yielded anything and was wrapping up. 
When asked to describe why Arpaio had hired the confidential informant, he told Snow that he, "seemed to indicate that someone was penetrating in the e-mails of our local attorneys and others, judges, that type of thing, which we can't prove." 
Snow asked, "And was I one of those judges?" 
"I think you were one of the judges," Arpaio responded. [...] KJZZ 91.5.

Some on the left are trying to say Sheriff Arpaio was attempting to intimidate Judge Snow and his wife by hiring a private investigator to look into the comments reportedly made by Snow's wife.

I don't really see how that could be considered intimidation.

Intimidation would be more like what Obama did to political opponents during a presidential campaign when he used the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as a political weapon. That was truly intimidation.

More to come later,,,

UPDATE: PNN News and Ministry Network: "This is a 'part' of what Carl Gallups has been alluding to in referring to 'legal' matters that were holding up the forthcoming press conference investigation release."