Thursday, April 30, 2015

Answer: Why Aren't The Birthers Discussing Cruz;
Why Aren't Journalists Discussing Obama's Ineligibility

Yuma Sun writer wonders why the birthers aren't discussing Senator Ted Cruz's eligibility to be POTUS.

Maybe if he actually looked around he would find that many are questioning Cruz' ineligibility.

Yuma Sun:

   [...] Yuma Sun.

We've been here all along questioning U.S. Senator Ted Cruz's Article II ineligibility due to his birth in Canada...

The question should be; why hasn't the media honestly discussed Obama's Article II ineligibility to be POTUS!?

Because they're corrupt!

In related news, Alabama State Republican State Executive Committee and chairman of the Coosa County Republican Party, Jodi McDade endorses a constitutionally ineligible candidate for POTUS.

Alabama reports:

Presidential race 2016: Ted Cruz



[...] Alabama.

Except when it comes to the Article II "natural born Citizen" requirement in the U.S. Constitution...