Thursday, April 23, 2015

American Thinker To GOP Candidates: Respect The 
Birthers; Don’t Jump On Birther-Bashing Bandwagon

According to American Thinker's Cindy Simpson two wrongs make a right. To hell with the Constitution!?

Some excerpts via American Thinker:

Natural Born GOP Presidential Candidates 
“Birthers are crazy,” according to a recent Facebook post by one of my respected conservative friends, and they just need to “shut up” about Senators Cruz and Rubio and Governor Jindal being eligible for the presidency as “natural born citizens.”  
To a certain extent, my friend is right. Cruz, Rubio, and Jindal are eligible. Because as another friend, attorney Monte Kuligowski, explained, the precedent has been set with the election of Barack Obama: a person born a US citizen, even with dual citizenship of another country, is eligible for the presidency. If Obama was eligible, those Republicans, too, are eligible. 
Not all “birthers,” however, are crazy. While some “anti-birthers” (from both parties) are loath to admit it now, “birtherism” never centered on belief in Obama’s old claim of his Kenyan birth or the mystery of his birth certificate, but rather his dual citizenship at birth. The arguments that have recently surfaced regarding the three GOP contenders attest to that fact. 
In fact, it wasn’t long ago that Charles Krauthammer, Tucker Carlson, and Bret Baier seemed to side with the “birthers” arguments -- mentioning both Cruz’s Canadian birth and the eligibility issue of dual citizenship -- although at neither time no one called them crazy. Others not as famous as the Fox talkers who hold a different opinion on that specific requirement of the Constitution are certainly not crazy either. 
But the arguments against Obama’s constitutional eligibility, even when backed by compelling historical evidence of the framers’ intentions, were labeled “birther” crazy by the Democrat-media complex. The description stuck, and it crossed party lines. 
“Birthers” needn’t “evolve” in their interpretation of the “natural born” requirement, but they must recognize the established precedent and use it to the advantage. The rabid defense waged for Obama’s eligibility actually did us all a favor, prequalifying some excellent Republican candidates with citizenship histories that could have been debatable. 
“Birthers” aren’t crazy. The real insanity is our nation’s tolerance of dual citizenship, automatic grant of citizenship to children of illegal aliens, and failure to promote patriotic integration
Advice to Rubio, Cruz, and Jindal: don’t jump on the birther-bashing bandwagon. Respect the “birthers” views on the Constitution, and vow to ensure that immigration reform addresses birthright citizenship and assimilation. You need these patriots on your side. It would be crazy for any of you to call the “birthers” crazy. 
Because really the only crazies, besides those who consistently vote Democrat no matter what, are conservatives who refuse to vote for the winner of the GOP nomination because they don't consider them eligible as natural born citizens. [...] American Thinker.

This so-called precedent does not trump the Article II "natural born Citizen" requirement in the U.S. Constitution.

As noted in the Regent University Law Review:

... Arthur’s presidency does not provide precedent for the proposition that the two-parent rule is without merit. In fact, if the two-parent rule were to find new vitality in the present day, Arthur would be viewed as the first constitutionally unqualified usurper to the presidency.

It is not for the health of our Constitution that we continue to misconstrue or ignore its provisions.               [...] Regent University Law Review.

Two wrongs don't make a right!