Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Private Investigator Responds To IG Audit 
On Active Dead People Social Security Numbers

Most readers here know Obama is using the Social Security number of a deceased person that was born in 1890.

Obama defenders scoffed at that claim.

Now this:


Full report @ CNSNews

I asked licensed P.I. Susan Daniels if she'd like to comment on the IG audit.

Her response;

As the Obama administration continues to attempt to bankrupt the country as quickly as it can, it is paying social security benefits to 6.5 million people over the age of 112. That strains the credulity of even the most liberal in our society. Especially when a quick look at the 2010 census records attached reveals that the number of Americans 100 years or older totals 53,364, including both males and females. That reflects a 5.8% jump from 2000 when the number totaled 50,454.  (
There is no plausible reason that a person with an average IQ, even a government employee, would not see the serious flaws in the money being paid out. Part of the problem stems from the fact that unless a family submits a bill to the government for the $255 death benefit, the number is not added to the Master File Death Index. 
The solution is so simple it boggles the mind. Start by making it mandatory that every hospital, coroner, nursing home and funeral home be required to report all deaths to the Social Security Administration. Yes, there will be duplicate reports but so what and it will only take minutes to do? 
Then take the 2010 census, verify those 53,364 people are still alive and cut everyone else off. There are 60,000 private investigators in the country, most would volunteer to help. We could each verify one person as still alive in less than five minutes. I volunteer to look up ten. 
Susan Daniels

I also asked Susan Daniels if she would like to respond to Snopes revised report on Obama's SSN;

There really isn't anything new to add. The number Obama uses was never assigned to either Bounel or Ludwig. I'll bet it's among the 6.5 million though that are more than 112 years old.