Monday, March 2, 2015

Mark Levin: Article II Presidential Eligibility 
Requirement Is Crap; Barack Obama Born In USA!?

Another caller got through Mark Levin's call screener only to get shut down by Mr. Constitution. The caller simply asked Levin if thinks presidential candidates should prove their Article II constitutional eligibility.

Levin cut off the caller soon as he got to the age requirement in Article II and went on a rant:

"You have to call this show about the birth certificate? Oh that's been really effective. It has failed in every court. The birth certificate...with all the problems we have with this President, that's all you have? ... "

Levin went on to say Obama was born and bred in America just like all the other American Marxists.

( Audio Via Mark Levin. )

It is such a shame someone that purports to defend the Constitution blatantly flaunts the Article II requirement...

As Mara Zebest noted yesterday at Gateway Pundit:

AUDIO: Mark Levin Caller Reveals Obama’s TASK FORCE PLAN For Illegal Aliens To TRANSFORM America 
...this is why the Article II requirement for “natural born citizen” matters—which should not be confused with “naturalized.” Natural Born refers to born on US soil to Citizen parents. BOTH parents (plural) need to be citizens at the time of birth (not one parent) AND the birth needs to be on U.S. soil—the logical qualifier is not an “OR” but rather “AND”—both conditions need to be true to ensure alliance with America for the Office of Commander in Chief. This is why Obama is not eligible. This is why the same constitutional law must be upheld for both Liberal and Conservative candidates. [...] More/Audio @ Gateway Pundit.

And doubled down in the GP comment thread:

Bonus: Why Have The Mainstream Media Been Silent About Obama’s Possible Ineligibility To Be President?