Saturday, March 21, 2015

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Losing: Actor Charlie Sheen Exposes News Media's 
Complicity Over Obama Indonesian Name Barry Soetoro

Actor Charlie Sheen isn't backing away from his tweet highlighting Obama's heritage. Some called him racist and some played dumb. First is Sheen's latest tweet and then a few highlights from around the Interwebs.

Charlie Sheen:

Breitbart News played dumb:

Charlie Sheen took to Twitter Wednesday to share his disdain for President Obama’s ESPN March Madness appearance, and after being labeled a “racist” by some news outlets for his use of Ebonics slang terms and a “birther” reference, refused to back down on Friday. 
His description of the president as “Barry Soetero Kenya” was likely a reference to Sheen’s previously expressed belief that Obama was not born in the United States, but rather in Kenya. 
The actor then tweeted a second time, and compared his tweet to a joke he says Obama told a week ago: “I just repeated a joke the president told last week! … So is he bad to?” 
In 2011, Sheen said he was skeptical of the President being a natural-born citizen. He told a live audience in Washington, D.C. about a presidential poll which pitted himself against politicians, where he compared himself to the president. 
“For starters, I was f—king born here, how about that?” he said. “And I got proof! Nothing photoshopped about my birth certificate.” [...] Breitbart News.

New York Daily News did too:

Charlie Sheen calls Barack Obama 'Barry Satera Kenya' in rambling angry tweet 
"Barry Satera Kenya," the tweet addresses Obama, a possible reference to the debunked Birthers' conspiracy theory that he was born in the African nation instead of Hawaii, thus making him an illegitimate President. [...] New York Daily News.

Newsmax dupes:

Charlie Sheen Slammed for 'Racist' Tweet Aimed at Obama

Sheen came under fire from Twitter users, one of whom posted: "You're an idiot, misogynist … and racist," and another who tweeted, "Probably didn't have to use the word Kenya. Makes ya look like a 'racist douche' - invalidates the whole tweet." 
In what The Guardian called "just the latest rant in the actor's downward spiral," Sheen, whose given name is Carlos Estevez, apparently misspelled Soetoro, the last name of Obama's Indonesian stepfather, and placed himself firmly in the camp of "birthers" who believe Obama was not born in the U.S., but in Kenya, thereby making him ineligible to be president. [...] Newsmax.

LA Times took their complicity a step further:

Charlie Sheen slams Obama with birther fodder over NCAA picks 
The name Barry Soetoro and the notion that Obama was actually born in Kenya are staples of the so-called birther conspiracy theory about the president. And Sheen has self-identified as a truther, if not a birther — but more on that later. [...] LA Times.

Notice LA Slimes links to a fake Columbia University ID card all while ignoring Obama's REAL school record?

Entertainment Weekly just may be dumb:

Charlie Sheen attacks Barack Obama on Twitter 
“Barry Satera Kenya,” he addresed Obama, referring to the president’s father’s birthplace, “u won’t attend a soldier’s funeral uhkros da street that u kild yet u hav time 4 brackets? s a d.” The former Two and a Half Men star attached a screengrab of Obama working on his bracket for added effect. [...] Entertainment Weekly.

The Express Tribune:

Sheen makes racist comment about Obama 
‘Barry Satera Kenya’ refers to Obama’s African heritage, as his father came from Rachyuonyo District in Kenya, even though Obama himself was born in Hawaii. The meaning of word ‘Satera’ is left unexplained. [...] The Express Tribune.

Sydney Morning Herald:

Actor Charlie Sheen directs Twitter rant at Barack Obama 
The actor has since defended the Tweet saying he was simply repeating a joke Obama himself made last week. 
"I just repeated a joke the president told last week! So is he bad to? c," Sheen wrote. 
Infowars said: "Taking shots at potential Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker, Obama joked that he originally left Kenya due to his love for the United States." [...] Sydney Morning Herald.

Interestingly the only news publication to actually report the true origins of the name Barry Soetoro was a sports news publication which provided an excerpt from Info Wars.

UPROXX Sports:

And Now Charlie Sheen Has A Problem With Barack Obama Filling Out A March Madness Bracket 
Sheen’s use of Kenya in the Tweet had a few people calling him racist, but luckily InfoWars was there to support him with this intensely informative defense: 
 " Sheen’s tweet can certainly be accused of being incoherent, but those shrieking “racism” have failed to point out what’s actually racist about it. 
It’s a fact that Obama has Kenyan heritage and that he was once known as Barry Soetoro. One doesn’t have to entertain the myriad of “birther” conspiracy theories to acknowledge the truth behind those two facets of Obama’s history. 
When he attended an elite Indonesian public school in Menteng, Obama was known as “Barry” or “Barry Soetoro” by his classmates. Soetoro is the surname of Obama’s stepfather. " [...] UPROXX Sports.

It isn't a conspiracy theory that Obama was registered as an Indonesian citizen named Barry Soetoro.

It isn't a conspiracy theory that Obama listed himself as born in Kenya for sixteen years.