Tuesday, March 31, 2015

James Renwick Manship A Living Historian 
To Discuss Sheriff Kits And Our GOV

James Renwick Manship, Constitutionalist and Historian will be the guest. Mr. Manship's love for our Country has driven him to engage at events Dressed as President George Washington. He truly is a George Washington. He will provide an insight as to  lack of integrity from within our Government and a possible way of returning it to the People.

“Beyond GW” Biography of James Renwick Manship, Sr.

The publisher of The Atlanta Constitution , a Pulitzer Prize recipient, in A.D. 1963, met 10 year old Jamey Manship in the Fellowship Hall after services at the Cathedral of Saint Phillip when the boy asked him about one of his “articles” in the paper the previous week. McGill told Manship to “read this Constitution”, meaning our national Constitution, not his newspaper. Jamey did so, and ever since has been an advocate, protector and defender of “this Constitution for the United States of America” Navy Midshipman Manship was Pre-Law Economics at Auburn, and served as the Director of Legal Aid and Ombudsman for the Student Government, where he also wrote a Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook.

In November A.D. 2010, the Religion Reporter for The New York Times writing about the Tea Party Victory in those elections described the one page “Seed of Truth” as a “Concordance to the Preamble” with its 40 footnotes to the Preamble that cite over 100 Bible references.

On New Year’s Day, in the Year of Our Lord Jesus 2011, Manship was guided by God to learn of the FOURTH BRANCH of our Government, the Citizens Grand Jury. Three weeks later, Manship filed his first Petition for Grand Jury and a corrupt Virginia judge “retired early” the same day.

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