Monday, March 30, 2015

Full Audio: Dr. Terry Lakin On Challenging 
Obama's Article II Constitutional Eligibility

Dr. Terry Lakin and Dr. Jack Cashill joined Peter Boyles to discuss the release of his book Officer's Oath.

Dr. Lakin said his life was threatened for challenging the legality of Obama's deployment order.

If you recall Obama released a forged birth certificate weeks before Dr. Lakin was released from Ft. Leavenworth.

( Audio via Peter Boyles @ KNUS. )

Via Officer's Oath:

Officer’s Oath: Terry Lakin’s Story of Sacrifice
OFFICER’S OATH is a story that everyone should read.

It is not a 'birther' story. It is, rather, the story of a man who made a principled decision to adhere to the oath he willingly took as an officer in the United States Army. It is a story of the personal consequences of that decision and the far-reaching effect it has had on the eligibility issue.

Jack Cashill, author of numerous books, assisted Terry in telling his story. David Mercaldo, a New York-based author, has interviewed and written vignettes of the many people who contributed to Terry's case. A number of notable individuals have also contributed essays on key subjects relating to the issue.

The book is a complete story of Terry's decision, the immediate consequences, and the longrange effect of Terry's decision and should generate a substantive and engaging dialogue on the issues addressed.

Overall it will be a unique book and an engaging story. Initial readers have given it high marks. It will be of great interest to supporters, detractors, and those who may have had little contact with the issues for which Terry has stood.

It will be available for direct purchase from the website and available on Amazon, B&N, Waldenbooks, and other online publishers in both print and electronic versions. Reseller accounts will be available at industry standard rates for bulk sales and resale. Visit to order the book online.