Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Bombshell: Illinois National Republican Assembly Chairwoman; 
Senator Ted Cruz Told Me He's Not Eligible To Be President

Jonathan Tilove writing at the Statesman dropped a bombshell about Senator Ted Cruz's Article II constitutional ineligibility. Tilove covered last week's CPAC convention. The following is very damning if true.

Excerpts via Statesman:

Cruz controlled: On Ted’s CPAC setback 

Tilove questions Cruz's motives being he's well versed in law and personally argued cases before the SCOTUS.

He then went further, writing;

Tilove went on to cite the recent L.A. Times article raising questions about Cruz's Article II ineligibility.

Which by the way is making the syndication rounds:

- Vindy -

- Knox News -

- Grand Island Independent -

Related: American Thinker argues Cruz is a "natural born Citizen" based on the Nationality Act of 1940.

Which is probably one of the lamest arguments to date ... Here's the reality about "natural born Citizen"...

This issue should have been dealt with back in 2008, starting with Obama a.k.a. Soetoro ...