Saturday, March 28, 2015

Full Audio: Dr. Vuoto And Gallups Discuss Article 
II Requirement; Obama Not Born On American Soil

World Tribune's Dr. Grace Vuoto and broadcaster Carl Gallups discuss the Article II "natural born Citizen" requirement. Gallups said very soon it will be outed that Barack Obama was not born on American soil.


Gallups also discussed the non-binding Senate Resolution 511 which unconstitutionally declared Senator John McCain was a "natural born Citizen" due to his birth on a military installation to two U.S. citizen parents.

It must be noted that McCain actually was not born on the military base but at a civilian hospital in Panama.

Weeks before Senate Resolution 511 was passed the same sponsor(s) attempted to pass a bill to address children of military families that were born outside of the United States. That bill failed just as many did before it.

As The Obama File noted:
Only five short weeks after Senate Bill 2678 faded from the floor, we find Sen. Claire McCaskill back again, making another attempt with Senate Resolution 511. On April 10, 2008, she introduced a second proposal in the form of a non-binding resolution, recognizing John McCain as a "natural born citizen" in defiance of the Constitution. Curiously, it contained the same identical co-sponsors, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Children of Military Families Natural Born Citizen Act