Monday, March 23, 2015

ABC: The View Launches Ted Cruz Birther Movement; 
Senator Ted Cruz Was Not Born In The United States

Note to the morons on The View: The Article II "natural born Citizen" requirement issue is not about being nice. It is about upholding and enforcing the law of the land. And no need to create a Cruz birther movement. It already exists.


Some excerpts via The View @ Yahoo News:

‘The View’ Launches Ted Cruz Birther Movement Following His Presidential Bid 
“The View” panel took on the first official presidential candidate, Ted Cruz, on Monday when a guest co-host rallied for a birther movement to haunt the Canadian-born politician’s campaign. 
“He was not born in America, he was born in Canada, so how can he run for president?” comedian Michelle Williams said. “I’m a Ted Cruz birther — I want to see the birth certificate.” 
Rosie Perez blasted the Texas senator for his denial of climate change, and backed California Governor Jerry Brown’s criticism of Cruz as being unfit for the role of president during a “Meet the Press” appearance on Sunday. 
“For you to say, as a Republican, him not being born in this country is the least of his problems is insane, insane; I love you darling, but with the birthers and all of that stuff, they made it a huge issue,” Perez said to co-host Nicolle Wallace. 
Whoopi Goldberg suggested it’s not fun being on the receiving end of the birther movement, like President Obama has been, and chimed in: “I want to see your birth certificate.” [...] Yahoo News. Hat tip GUL.

In related news, via Falcon:

ABC Producer of Modern Family goes birther on Ted Cruz

Reality is Senator Cruz immediately released his birth certificate which confirms he's not eligible.