Monday, March 9, 2015

54 Points: WND Pubslishes Lord Monckton 
Affidavit; Obama Birth Certificate A Forgery

Hats off to Lord Monckton for reminding some about the elephant in the room....

Currently featured at WND:

Several excerpts via the 54 point affidavit declaring Obama's White House birth certificate a forgery;

I am over the age of 18 and am a resident of the United Kingdom. The information herein is based upon my own personal knowledge. If called as a witness, I could testify competently thereto. I have a degree in classical architecture from Cambridge University. The course included instruction in mathematics. I am the director of Monckton Enterprises Ltd., a consultancy corporation which, inter alia, has investigated scientific frauds at government level, one of the matters on which I advised Margaret Thatcher from 1982-1986 at 10 Downing Street during her time as prime minister. I have published several papers in the reviewed literature on climate science and economics and was an expert reviewer for the “Fifth Assessment Report”(2013) of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. I was that year’s Nerenberg Lecturer in Mathematics at the University of Western Ontario, Canada. I hold the Meese-Noble Award for Freedom and the Intelligence Medal of the Army of Colombia for my research on climate change.

One might also legitimately assign probabilities no greater than 1 in 100 to each of three irregularities in other identification documents pertaining to Mr. Obama. First, there are numerous irregularities in the short-form abstract of his birth record published in the run-up to his 2008 candidacy, including an inconsistency between the text of the abstract and the form of words in use at the time when it was, on its face, issued. Secondly, the Selective Service record signed by him carries a two-digit year stamp contrary to written rules issued by the Department of Defense specifying a four-digit stamp, which, as far as the investigators could discover, was invariably used on all other Selective Service registration records at that time. Thirdly, his Social Security number carries a three-digit Connecticut prefix even though he had never lived there and all adjacent Social Security numbers with the same three-digit prefix that the investigators could trace were issued to residents of Connecticut. Taking these three additional irregularities together with the 13 irregularities in the White House document, the probability that Mr. Obama’s identity documentation is true falls from 1 in 75 quadrillion to 1 in 75 sextillion. 
Even if each of the 16 irregularities were assigned a probability no less than 1 in 2, implying that each irregularity is at least as likely as not to occur in a genuine document, the probability that the documentation is genuine would be 1 in 216, or less than 1 in 65,000. Further, in this analysis I have cautiously left out of account several irregularities – such as the indication that Mr. Obama’s Social Security number fails the official online “e-verify” check – each of which ought to be assigned probabilities no greater than 1 in 2, reducing the probability of genuineness still further. Whichever way the analysis is done, that probability cannot be other than vanishingly small. 
In this analysis, I have relied upon the published results of the Cold Case Posse’s investigation. To the extent that the investigators’ results are reliable and robust, and to the extent that the probabilities I have assigned to each individual irregularity that the investigators have identified are considered reasonable, my conclusion that the probability that the White House document is genuine is vanishingly different from zero necessarily follows. Even if the probabilities I have chosen were to be considered excessively low, the fact that there are so many independent irregularities, even if absurdly high probabilities of occurrence such as 1 in 2 were assigned to each irregularity, would be sufficient to demonstrate beyond reasonable doubt that the White House document is a forgery. [...] Full affidavit @ WND.