Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Obama Advisor David Axelrod: No Other pResident 
Faced Persistent Questions About His Citizenship

Former top Obama advisor David Axelrod crawls out from under his rock to sucker people into buying his book.

Speaking to NPR Axelrod brought up the Birther issue...

( Audio via NPR @ Mediaite )

Excerpt via Mediaite:

Asked how much he believes “latent racism” affects “political, media or popular reactions” to Obama’s actions, Axelrod it’s “undeniable that race is an element in the opposition to the president.” 
“No other president has had someone stand up in the Congress and shout ‘You lie!’” he continued, citing Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) who did just that during a 2009 speech Obama gave to a joint session of Congress. “No other president has faced persistent questions about his citizenship.” 
It was just this week that Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) said in an interview that Obama’s refusal to say “radical Islam” is “probably an unfortunate byproduct of the days when he was in a Muslim school.” 
“This is undeniably part of people’s reaction to the notion of an African-American president and their discomfort with it,” Axelrod said, noting that this view “absolutely does not” represent the majority of the country. He added that Obama “felt” this discrimination but “didn’t complain about it” and “understood it was part of the deal.” [...] Mediaite.

Also at The Guardian: Former adviser laments continued questions about Obama’s citizenship

Bonus: Axelrod; Obama LIED about his support for gay marriage for years so he could get elected

Fun fact: John McCain and George Romney both had questions raised about their eligibility to run for president...

Is Axelrod talking about the 47% of Americans that still are not sure if Obama's even a U.S. Citizen?

@ David Axelrod:

No other president publicized for sixteen years that they were born in Kenya...

Every POTUS eligible after the Article II grandfather clause was born on U.S. soil to 2 citizen parents.

Speaking of NPR...


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