Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Staggering Poll. Majority Of Americans Don't 
Know If Obama Is A Christian; Wonder Why!?

Not sure why the left is pulling out a poll from 2014 when it doesn't help their cause one bit...

Vox reports:

Poll: 54% of Republicans say that, "deep down," Obama is a Muslim 
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As I've stated in the past, Obama's actions speak louder than words... This poll should not be a surprise...

Washington Post noted earlier today:

Scott Walker’s view of Obama’s religion makes him a moderate 
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Where's the outrage towards Democrats from the so-called mainstream media? No need to answer.

Never mind Obama's own Indonesian school record list Obama's (Barry Soetoro) religion as Islam.

The more important poll is the one from 2015 that shows 47% of Americans don't know if Obama's a U.S. citizen.

Here's the Muslim poll breakdown via Vox:

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