Thursday, February 19, 2015

Shock Report: Second NBC News Reporter Held Obama 
Birth Certificate; Timing Coordinated By White House?

Investigative journalist Alan Jones published a follow up to his recent report about the NBC News segment on Obama's purported birth certificate. Apparently, Brian Williams and Savannah Guthrie had a little help...

How deep does it go?

Excerpt via Alan Jones @ 1776 Channel:

Second NBC News reporter held “the document” on day super tornadoes stole headlines; Timing coordinated by White House? 
1776 Channel has been unable to determine how one of only two “official” scanned copies of President Obama’s Certificate of Live Birth made its way into the hands of an NBC reporter in New Hampshire less than twenty-four hours after the documents were allegedly hand-delivered to the White House following a long airplane ride from Honolulu. 
Unless the copy Ron Allen tried to present to Donald Trump had been subsequently flown from Washington D.C. to New Hampshire, Allen would likely have possessed a document that had been transmitted via fax or internet. Allen may have simply printed a copy of the PDF image that was posted at 
NBC News editors and script writers might have then spun the clip as “evidence” that Trump appeared disinterested in examining “proof”’ that the White House was indeed in possession of an authentic document. 
It appears that NBC News was trying to prove to its viewers that the PDF image released by the White House was authentic and simultaneously discredit Trump’s skepticism. 
1776 Channel’s investigation into NBC News’ representation that President Obama’s Hawaii Certificate of Live Birth is authentic reveals a complex web of participants working behind the scenes to deliver a unified message. 
Reporters, camera crews, editors, and ‘credible’ sounding anchors were able to cobble together a news segment that likely convinced the casual television viewer that any lingering doubts about President Obama’s birth records had finally been laid to rest. Any potential contributions to that message made by the attorneys and communications professionals who circulate between the White House, the private consulting sector and the broadcast networks remain unknown. [...] Continued/Video @ 1776 Channel.

Very deep!

Alan Jones is an investigative journalist who published a series of groundbreaking stories at the Washington Times Communities. Several of those stories were subsequently covered by other media outlets, including World Net Daily, Infowars, Daily Caller, and New American. - You can read Alan Jones previous reports here and here.