Thursday, February 26, 2015

- Dr. Alvin T. Onaka (L) and Eleanor C. Nordyke (R) -
EXCLUSIVE: Hawaii official who certified White House 
“Certificate of Live Birth” and mother of twins who claimed 
to remember President Obama’s birth both tied to 
US government eugenics think tank (Part 1 of 3)

By Alan Jones | February 26, 2015

(1776 Channel) Hawaii State Registrar of Vital Statistics Alvin Takashi Onaka Ph.D. and Eleanor C. Nordyke, the woman who claimed to have been in a Honolulu maternity ward pregnant with twin daughters on the same evening Stanley Ann Dunham was there and said that she could recall the exact moment Barack Obama was born, are both connected to a U.S. government eugenics think tank at the East-West Center, an institution tied to the Obama family for over 50 years.

The pair are both published demography researchers.

Dr. Onaka and Nordyke have been connected since the 1970s with the East-West Population Institute, the eugenics think tank at the East-West Center.

Nordyke is connected to Dunham through the East-West Center.

“Nordyke was a population research fellow at the East-West Center while Dunham was there. And Nordyke later met Madelyn Dunham — Ann Dunham’s mother and Obama’s grandmother — during a cruise to Tahiti in 2002″ reported the Honolulu Advertiser.

Dr. Onaka, age 68, is not only the Hawaii state registrar: He is also a former US Department of State/USAID official.

While at USAID in the 1970s Dr. Onaka managed the Ford Foundation-funded POPLAB population and census programs which were administered in Indonesia, Kenya and several other developing nations.

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