Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Report: Article II Presidential Ineligibility Case 
Filed At Supreme Court; Natural Born Citizen Clause

CDR Kerchner reports:

Breaking News: Tracy Fair of MD Files Petition to U.S. Supreme Court re Rubio, Cruz, Jindal re Natural Born Citizen Presidential Eligibility Clause in the U.S. Constitution 
The filing directly challenges the eligibility of  Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Bobby Jindal.  The challenge brought is in addition and as a result of the prior and current issues of Barack Obama’s ineligibility and ID document fraud which thus far have been ducked by the U.S. Supreme Court and Congress. The Supreme Court must address this very important clause in the U.S. Constitution, the presidential eligibility clause, or our U.S. Constitution and our constitutional republic is doomed.  No one will pay attention to the U.S. Constitution if this usurpation and abrogation of the eligibility clause is allowed to continue unchecked into the future. 
The Presidential Eligibility Clause in the U.S. Constitution is a National Security Clause since the President is also the Commander in Chief of Our Military.   The Supreme Court and/or Congress Must Act so as Not to Repeat Another Obama Situation – Now Or in the Future.                                                                          CDR Kerchner (Ret) – [...] More here.



Washington D.C. (MMD Newswire) February 4, 2015 – The last of the legal challenges to the eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama to be President of the United States was docketed by Tracy A. Fair at the United States Supreme Court today. In a surprise move, Mrs. Fair argued in her Petition not that Obama was ineligible conceding that point was now moot. Instead, Mrs. Fair raised the question of the eligibility of declared Presidential candidates Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, and Governor Bobby Jindal. In particular, Mrs. Fair argued that unresolved is whether or not these three are in fact "natural born Citizens".

Mrs. Fair said: "Rubio and Jindal were born in the United States to parents who were not United States citizens at the time of their respective births. Ted Cruz was born in Canada to parents only one of whom (his mother) was a United States citizen. Under the law existing at the time of their birth, each became a 'citizen' of the United States at birth. Marco Rubio and Bobby Jindal by the 14th Amendment, Ted Cruz by statute."

As most all know, under Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the Constitution: "No person except a natural born Citizen . . ., shall be eligible to the Office of President." Mrs. Fair continued: "That phrase 'natural born Citizen' has yet to be defined by the Supreme Court. So are they "natural born Citizens" eligible to be President? I think the People deserve to know the answer to that question before the next Presidential Campaign starts in earnest."

Mrs. Fair, who has shepherded her case through the complexities of the legal system by herself to the Supreme Court concluded: "My efforts were never about Mr. Obama as a person or a politician. Instead, my efforts were about insuring that the Constitution was respected and enforced by those charged with those duties. Where a phrase in the Constitution - such as 'natural born Citizen' - is undefined, it is the duty of the Supreme Court to interpret such a phrase. As the Supreme Court itself said in the 1922 case of Fairchild v. Hughes, I have: 'the right, possessed by every citizen, to require that the Government be administered according to law.' By repeatedly refusing to 'say what the law is' regarding 'natural born Citizen', the Supreme Court would abolish the rule of law and replace it with the rule of their whim and caprice to whatever political ends that super-legislature may possess."

Both a copy of the Petition and the Supreme Court Docket for Case No,: 14-933 are online.

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