Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Reality Check: Little League Team That Met 
With Obama Stripped Of Title For Cheating

Take note! This is what SHOULD happen when you're caught cheating ...

U.K.'s Daily Mail reports:

In a stunning Wednesday announcement that came months after Jackie Robinson West captured the attention of the country and the hearts of its hometown, the baseball organization said it also found that after the boundaries were changed, league officials went to surrounding leagues to convince them to go along with what they'd done. 
'This is a heartbreaking decision,' Stephen D. Keener, the Little League International president and CEO, said in a statement. 
'As painful as it is, we feel it is a necessary decision to maintain the integrity of the Little League program. No team can be allowed to attempt to strengthen its team by putting players on their roster that live outside their boundaries.' 
The team's manager, Darold Butler, has been suspended from Little League activities, according to the statement. 
The team beat Las Vegas in the U.S. Championship, 7-5, to advance to the World Series where they faced Seoul, South Korea. The Nevada team had beaten Jackie Robinson West earlier in the tournament, 13-2. 
Despite their loss to a South Korean team in the World Series, the little leagues still earned a trip to the White House to meet President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, according to Washington Post.             [...] More @ Daily Mail.

And some people call "Birthers" crazy for wanting Obama and his acts "stripped" due to his cheating!?

A commenter at ESPN nailed it:

- ESPN -

Here's a screenshot of the headline as it appeared earlier at the homepage of the Daily Mail ...