Saturday, February 7, 2015

- Devin Burghart, Radical Socialist -
False Report: Institute Attacks Birthers And Claims Donald 
Trump Funded Sheriff Arpaio's Obama Investigation

What's sad about this is the so-called mainstream media prop up the following "institute" as if it's some sort of independent non-bias organization. The reality is... it's an anti-white radical progressive(Socialist) front group.

I guess one could argue the "mainstream media" is no different?

This is what it looks like when radical activists masquerade as investigative journalist:

Excerpts via Devin Burghart @ Institute for Research & Education on Human Rights (IREHR);

Inside the South Carolina Tea Party Coalition Convention 
The fourth annual South Carolina Tea Party Coalition Convention warred on the Constitution, and resurrected the patently false notions that President Obama is not a natural born American. Held at the Springmaid Beach Resort in Myrtle Beach on January 17-19, the event also displayed an abundant supply of Christian nationalism, racism, anti-immigrant bigotry and Islamophobia. It also drew more than its fair share of Republican politicians. More than a gateway to the 2016 presidential primaries, however, the convention served as a preview of Tea Party activism of the future—warts and all. 
Further, on the opening day of the convention, Jim Dugan, the event’s organizer and head of the Myrtle Beach Tea Party, declared that “political correctness is not allowed on the grounds" and "we don't want a multicultural society.” Dugan’s Myrtle Beach Tea Party also boldly displays images of Tea Party racism many in the movement have vehemently denied. The group’s “Who We Are” webpage features a rally commemoration video containing Confederate Battle Flags and racist birther placards amidst a sea of yellow Gadsden flags.

Return of the Birthers 
All the re-branding in the world won’t help the Tea Party dispel concern about racism in the movement if they keep providing a platform to birthers and other bigots like they did in South Carolina. 
The convention crowd roared to their feet for real estate magnate, television personality, and birther racist Donald Trump. His efforts to mainstream racist birther conspiracies in 2012 made him popular in Tea Party circles. Not only did Trump spend years pushing the Obama birth certificate conspiracy, he financially backed the “birther posse” of racist Sheriff Joe Arpaio. He’s also implied that president Obama was a secret Muslim, that Obama was a backer of the Muslim Brotherhood. Trump praised the Tea Party, "You're great people," he said. Then he made another coded appeal to racism, referring to president Obama’s “other agenda.” 
Trump wasn’t the only birther on-stage in Myrtle Beach. Rafael Cruz, the father of Senator Ted Cruz, gave the Sunday morning invocation. Rafael Cruz is well-known for both his birther racism and his Christian nationalism. He’s snarled that Obama should “go back to Kenya,” and argued that “the average black” doesn't realize that having a minimum wage law was bad. Cruz preached of "restoration" and the "fight for America," while referring to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution as “divinely inspired documents.” Rafael Cruz has also repeatedly preached a bigoted brand of Christian nationalism, calling the United States a “Christian nation;” and he was not talking about the demographic majority of the country. [...] IREHR.

Note to the readers: Donald Trump did not fund Sheriff Arpaio's Obama investigation; Not a cent!

This isn't the first time this radical group attacked Americans for their political or religious views.

TheBlaze exposed the group and the above writer activist back in 2010:

Who Wrote the NAACP ‘Racist’ Tea Party Report? 
The IREHR is a group with “long-held dreams for social and economic justice,” who condemn the “so-called Christian right, paleo-conservatism, and other far-right movements” for their “symbiotic relationship[s] with nativism and white nationalism.” 
Call me crazy, but I think this group may have had a specific agenda in mind before they set out to paint the tea party movement as… uh… nativists and… gee, white nationalists. 
But who are Zeskind and Burghart, the two authors the NAACP “commissioned” to write the report? The New York Times reports that Zeskind, a lifetime member of the NAACP, has “written extensively on white nationalism,” a serious understatement. Zeskind’s career has revolved around an obsession of the “abyss of mayhem and murder” America faces at the hands of “white nationalists.” He has worked to establish himself as an “expert on extremist groups” various media outlets routinely rely on for comment, but few have bothered to expose his own extremist past. 
Laird Wilcox, a civil rights activists who is known for examining extremists on the right and left ends of the political spectrum, has previously had Zeskind on his radar. Like many notable modern liberals, Zeskind reportedly got his start working with the Sojourner Truth Organization (STO) where his primary role was motivating the working classes “to make a revolution.” The STO’s role model: Soviet dictator Josef Stalin, whose “iron discipline” the STO idolized. 
In a 1978 article he wrote for the group’s journal, Urgent Tasks, named after V.I. Lenin. Zeskind wrote about “Workplace Struggles in Kansas City” and discussed the value of a grassroots “school of communism” that would “destroy the marketplace, not sell at it.” In a 1980 article for the same publication, Zeskind denounced the American military “as a tool of U.S. Imperialism.” 
A 1981 City Magazine profile of Zeskind, author Bruce Rodgers described him as elusive and “near hysterical” and paranoid. Further, the STO was described as a group which surfaced “on occasion to distract and intimidate non-violent groups working for social change.” 
According to reports, Zeskind spent the 1980s as a member of one pro-Stalinist group who worked to provoke the Ku Klux Klan and stir up racial tensions between blacks and whites. In 1986, this National Anti-Klan Network changed its name to a more benevolent-sounding Center for Democratic Renewal. In 1989, with Soviet communism on the way out, Zeskind told the Jewish Chronicle that he was “never the kind of Marxist-Leninist that they think of” and claimed his Stalinist ideology was no longer a “defining feature of my politics.” 
At the same time, the CDR and other leftist groups were busy re-branding themselves as well. According to Wilcox, rather than present socialism or Marxism-Leninism as their goal at the time, they chose to change tactics and “piggy-back it onto anti-racism which is far more popular.” 
At the same time, Zeskind’s co-author, Burghart, expanded his work studying “white nationalism” to include condemning anti-illegal immigration groups like the Minutemen on the country’s southern border, claiming the group was not patrolling the border to enforce American immigration laws, but only to prevent non-whites from entering. According to Burghart, the Minutemen represented “Klan-style” border patrol. 
While working for the Center for New Community, Burghart participated in programs of the Center for Democratic Values, the think-tank arm of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). 
Zeskind and Burghart began working cooperatively at the IREHR and have written in the past about “birthers” –but only now insist the label belongs slapped on the tea party. 
During the summer, Zeskind and Burghart turned their focus toward the tea party. On July 11, Zeskind delivered a presentation to the NAACP’s National Convention specifically addressing the “dire threat” of the tea party (emphases mine): [...] TheBlaze.

Image Credit: Free Republic; The author, Devin Burghart is a far left whackjob...