Friday, February 20, 2015

- image credit: cultural marxism -
Double Play: Giuliani Rips Obama Over Commie 
Background; Almost Says Obama Born In Kenya?

Two great Fox News segments on Obama's background. Both touch on Obama being raised by communists and hanging out with domestic terrorists. The first is Rudy Giuliani defending comments on Obama not loving America.

Giuliani doesn't hold back... Or, does he?


At 3:11 Giuliani says, I think this man [Obama] was b... Then abruptly switches to Frank Marshall Davis.

We report, you decide...

The next segment is Mark Levin and Sean Hannity discussing Rudy Giuliani and Obama's communist background.

Levin said, Obama is the most preposterous and absurd president at any time in American history.


Levin also called Obama a patsy for Islamic terrorism...