Saturday, February 21, 2015

- original image circa 1979-1980 -
Bill O'Reilly Reluctantly Reports Obama Lived 
In Indonesia & Went To Muslim Based Schools

Bill O'Reilly panel discuss why Obama is so hell-bent on not offending the peaceful religion of Islam.

Fox News' O'Reilly on Obama:

Lived in Indonesia as a child. His father was a Muslim. He was educated in some Muslim based schools.

No mention Obama's Indonesian school record identifies Obama as an Indonesian citizen under his adopted name Barry Soetoro with the religion of Islam. O'Reilly chalked up Obama's pro-Islam-talk as rhetorical mistakes.

So much for the No Spin Zone!

( Video via Fox News. )

If O'Reilly had any integrity he'd retract his false comments about Obama's CT Social Security Number.