Monday, February 16, 2015

Alert: Federal Judge Orders Obama To Halt 
Executive Actions On Illegal Immigration Amnesty

Federal judge Andrew Hanen just ordered the Obama administration to halt implementation of its executive actions on illegal immigration amnesty. The case was filed by the State of Texas along with 25 other states.

Excerpt via judge Hanen's order:


Sheriff Arpaio among others filed briefs in the federal lawsuit.

As Washington Times reported yesterday:

Illegals denied role in defending Obama amnesty in court 
"The judge, however, said he would treat the three Jane Does’ arguments as a “friend of the court” brief, meaning their views are taken into consideration, though they don’t have independent powers of appeal or defense. 
Judge Hanen also denied the request to intervene by Orly Taitz, a lawyer who has previously challenged Mr. Obama’s birth, arguing despite evidence to the contrary that he is ineligible to be president. 
The judge said her thoughts will be considered as a “friend of the court” brief instead, just like the illegal immigrants." [...] Washington Times.

Will Obama comply with the court order or will he ignore it like he's done in the past? Hat tip dotdotcom.

Remarks from Texas Governor Greg Abbott:

"President Obama abdicated his responsibility to uphold the United States Constitution when he attempted to circumvent the laws passed by Congress via executive fiat, and Judge Hanen's decision rightly stops the President's overreach in its tracks. We live in a nation governed by a system of checks and balances, and the President's attempt to by-pass the will of the American people was successfully checked today. The District Court's ruling is very clear — it prevents the President from implementing the policies in 'any and all aspects.' "
- Gov. Abbott @ Free Republic via AP.