Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Veteran Journos Spill The Beans: Major News 
Publishers Purposely Spiked Birther-Related News

Last night veteran journalist Diana West appeared on Andrea Shea King's radio show and revealed some stunning details about her time as a syndicated columnist. She noted how when she wrote for The Washington Examiner they refused to run news articles about any of the ongoing court cases challenging Obama's constitutional eligibility.

West also revealed she presented her newspaper editor with evidence related to Obama's identification documents and he refused to publish it out of fear of it being true. She said the newspaper editor didn't want to see the Obama administration fall apart over the birth certificate.

Diana West says people are very afraid of the birther issue.

Radio host Andrea Shea King recalls how when she wrote for Breitbart News she submitted a report on Obama's birth certificate and was told it was policy of Breitbart, Inc. to not publish birther reports. King's comment jives with what former Breitbart News writer Charles Johnson reported last year.

( Audio via ASK @ BTR )

They also touch on potential candidates for 2016 and some may be surprised who they would like to see run...