Sunday, January 4, 2015

- image credit: the guardian -
Variety Magazine: Birther Controversy Has Dogged 
Barack Obama's pResidential Tenure At Every Turn!?

In a piece about the recent Sony hack entertainment magazine Variety admits the Birther issue has dogged Obama.

Excerpt via Variety:

Skeptical About North Korea’s Role in Sony Hack? Don’t Be 
Looks like the Obama Administration wasn’t exactly paralyzed by second-guessing after various cybersecurity experts declared how unconvinced they were by what little evidence the FBI made public pointing to North Korea’s culpability. 
No doubt there will be some out there who will read the tea leaves differently. If the Administration was just trying to, say, conduct a kangaroo court, the swifter the punishment comes, the less time skeptics are given to uncover the cover-up as it occurs. Obama is used to this kind of conspiracy-minded logic by now given how it seems to have dogged his presidential tenure at every turn, from the “birther” controversy to Benghazi
I’m neither naive enough to believe our government never lies nor blind enough not to appreciate living in a democracy where openly questioning our president’s intentions is a sacred right of being a U.S. citizen (that freedom of expression certainly isn’t available in North Korea). But while the Obama’s administration handling of the Sony hack has been less than stellar, I think there’s some compelling reasons to have faith that our president is not misleading us. [...] Variety.

Fun fact: Birthers have been disparaged and silenced at every turn by the so-called free pressers.

Fun fact: The United States is a Constitutional Republic, Not a Democracy.