Sunday, January 18, 2015

University of Virginia Psychologist: Birthers Racially 
Tinged Conspiracy Theories Paint Obama As A Usurper

Not surprisingly Mother Jones pimps the race-baiting, astroturfing leftist agitators that are currently illegally assembling around the country under the guise of social justice. We're all racist according to ...

University of Virginia psychologist Brian Nosek @ far-left Mother Jones:

"Black Lives Matter" Aspires to Reclaim the Legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.
An impressive body of psychological research suggests that the men who killed Brown and Martin need not have been conscious, overt racists to do what they did (though they may have been). The same goes for the crowds that flock to support the shooter each time these tragedies become public, or the birthers whose racially tinged conspiracy theories paint President Obama as a usurper. These people who voice mind-boggling opinions while swearing they're not racist at all—they make sense to science, because the paradigm for understanding prejudice has evolved. There "doesn't need to be intent, doesn't need to be desire; there could even be desire in the opposite direction," explains University of Virginia psychologist Brian Nosek. [...] "But biased results can still occur." [...] Mother Jones.

Never mind Mike Brown had just committed a strong-arm robbery before being shot and never mind Brown attempted to take the police officer's firearm after punching said officer in the face. It is all about race!?

And, how is wanting the Article II requirement in the U.S. Constitution enforced racist?

Was it racist when John McCain was challenged? Was it racist when Mitt Romney's father was challenged?

Is Erik Rush a racist because he doesn't buy the so-called "official" life narrative for Obama?

Listen to Rush's fantastic interview on Obama's background from earlier this week...


Columnist/Author Erik Rush: 
America Doesn't Know Who Obama Is

( Audio via Peter Boyles @ KNUS. -  Erik Rush site.)