Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Star-Ledger's John Farmer: GOP Treat Barack 
Obama Like A Usurper; All That Bogus Birther Stuff

Star-Ledger columnist John Farmer takes on the editor of National Review, Rich Lowry, for proposing the GOP disinvite Obama to the State of the Union. Lucky for Obama most congresspersons left their spines at home.

Star-Ledger's John Farmer:

State of the Union time means an uptick in political lunacy: Farmer 
No president in my time has suffered such unending abuse from the opposition party as Obama. You’ll perhaps recall South Carolina Republican Rep. Joe Wilson, a relic of the Old South, yelling to Obama, “You lie,” during an address to a joint session of Congress. And there was all that bogus “birther” stuff
Lowry’s proposal to head off the State of the Union speech is more of the same -- part of an unrelenting campaign to diminish Obama, in this instance by denying him one of the great rituals of the presidency, to treat him as a kind of usurper of the office. [...] NJ.

It should read; No VP candidate in my time has suffered such unending abuse from the opposition party as Palin.

Not sure why Farmer brings up the birther issue being the GOP establishment never really pushed the issue.

One could argue Blocker Boehner has done more to help Obama than any other person just by blocking any and all efforts to conduct congressional investigations into Obama's background and Article II eligibility.

And, bogus birther stuff?

The reality is ...