Wednesday, January 21, 2015

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Shock: MWV Republican Committee V-Chairman: 
Obama Born In Kenya; His Past Is Clandestine

Another member of the 47%?

Excerpt via The Conway Daily Sun:

Shakir reelected to MWV Republicans 
CONWAY – Controversial Conway Republican, Ray Shakir, who made national news in 2011 when he called President Barack Obama a "jungle alien," has recently been elected to a leadership position in the Mount Washington Valley Republican Committee. The committee's chairman has "no misgivings" about Shakir's election and defended Shakir by calling him "generous," "trustworthy" and "compassionate." 
The election was held Jan. 20 at the Lobster Trap Restaurant. State Rep. Frank McCarthy (R-Conway) was elected chairman, Shakir was elected vice chairman. Shakir had held that same post in 2011 when he made his remarks. Pat Sweat was elected treasurer and Linda Bornheim was elected secretary. The past chairman was Norman Tregenza. Shakir said the leadership board is all new. 
In the summer of 2011, Mother Jones, a national non-profit news organization, reported that Shakir called the president a "jungle alien." Mother Jones was interviewing Shakir because he was hosting a house party for former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty. 
Shakir said Mother Jones quoted him accurately. But Shakir said a Mother Jones reporter instigated the conversation on birthers and that term. Jungle alien refers to his claim that the president was from Kenya and that country's terrain has jungle. "Jungle alien" wasn't intended to be a racial slur, said Shakir at the time, adding he has respect for many black people. 
After the jungle alien comment was published, private emails surfaced in which Shakir apparently used more hateful language to describe Obama. 
When asked about his 2011 remarks on Tuesday, Shakir said he feels the "same" way about the president but stressed his opposition is to Obama's politics and not Obama's skin color. In fact, said Shakir, one of his top choices for president is Dr. Ben Carson, who is a black man. 
"It has nothing to do with race," said Shakir adding his disdain for the president is "totally political." 
When asked why he dislikes the president so much, Shakir said the Obama platform is about increasing taxes and regulations. 
"That's not what this country was built upon," said Shakir. 
For Shakir, there are still questions about where Obama was born and Shakir said that Obama's past is "clandestine." 
"If your life is not an open book you should not be president," said Shakir. 
McCarthy reacted to questions about Shakir's election in a letter. McCarthy had no qualms about Shakir's election. 
McCarthy said he knows Shakir better than most and says Shakir is "generous," "trustworthy" and "very compassionate." 
"Not once in all the time I have known him did I ever hear him say no to a person in need," said McCarthy. "I know Ray to be a patriotic American who cares deeply about the slippery slope of socialism this country is currently on." 
Shakir said the committee "vehemently" opposes the president's politics. 
"It's a shock to us he is even the president," said Shakir. [...] More @ The Conway Daily Sun.

It's a shock to a lot of people this big charade is allowed to continue ...

Can you really blame Shakir for believing Obama was born in Kenya? The first person to claim such was Obama.