Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Germantown Now: U.S. Senator Ted Cruz Is A 
Foreign-Born Terrorist; Donald Trump Is A Birther

Senator Ted Cruz is without question foreign-born, but to call him a terrorist, as the Germantown Now news gateway did, is unfounded and shameful. The writer also takes a swipe at Donald Trump.

Paul Adair writes @ Germantown Now:

Iowa's Freedom Summit: Just Sayin' 
I spent today sitting at my computer wearing my Dropkick Murphys sweatshirt and watching videos of Saturday's Iowa Freedom Summit. The Summit was one of the first big events of the 2016 GOP Presidential primary season. The meeting drew the farthest-right, oldest, and whitest of the Republican party to Des Moines for a day of speeches, networking, anger, and fear. For political geeks like me, it was a great spectacle. 
The Summit was sponsored by Rep. Steve King, the guy who said that 99% of "dreamers" are drug mules with calves the size of cantaloupes. Also sponsoring the event were the Tea Party "Patriots", Citizens United, and Red State on-line media.
The Donald and his always-astounding hair gave a somewhat better speech. Several times, he said, "If I run and if I win, I will do......". (please run, please run). He was especially harsh on the two front runners, Romney and Jeb Bush. He trashed Bush for supporting Common Core and for being "weak" on immigration. He blamed Jeb for convincing his brother to nominate Justice Roberts (who upheld the ACA). At times, the reality show star and birther made sense, sounding almost like a Democrat. He actually wants to save Social security and Medicare, saying, "I am probably the only Republican that doesn't want to cut Social Security." Trump also sees a crying need for investment in our crumbling infrastructure. 
Ted Cruz, the foreign-born terrorist who played a major role in shutting down the US government, gave a rousing speech. He had the audience on their feet several times during his red-meat oration that was anti-EPA, anti-IRS, anti-health care, and anti-marriage equality. He often spoke of God with the cadence and emotion of a fundamentalist preacher. Ted is definitely running and these are his people.                           [...] Germantown Now.

Would you expect anything different from the loony left?

Never mind the mountain of evidence that shows Obama is sympathetic to both domestic and foreign terrorists.