Saturday, January 31, 2015

Announcement: Thousands of Sheriff Kits Mailed – 
One Sent to Every County Sheriff in the USA

As announced on WOBC radio last night, CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret) of and Mike Volin of have completed the Sheriff Kit DVD mass mailing campaign launched at the end of Nov 2014. Listen to the radio show and announcement here.

Sheriff Kit Mass Mailing
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details about the Sheriff Kits.
The target of the mass mailing of the specially designed Sheriff Kit DVDs was to every county sheriff and county sheriff equivalent in the USA, over 3300 0f them. Also receiving kits in this mass mailing was every state Governor and every state Attorney General.   And in addition, new members of Congress.  The Sheriff Kit package contains the forensic evidence and reports presented by Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County AZ demonstrating that Obama’s proffered long-form birth certificate PDF file placed on the website on 27 Apr 2011 is a human engineered, cut and paste, PhotoShopped, computer-manufactured digital forgery.  It  also shows Obama’s Selective Service Draft Registration card, a copy of which was obtained via a FOIA request is a forgery. The total mailing totaled approximately 3600 pieces.

Now a key and influential locally-elected law-enforcement official in every single county in every corner of the USA has in their possession a copy of the forensic evidence presented by Sheriff Joe Arpaio of AZ and Lead Investigator Mike Zullo at their press conferences showing that Obama’s key identity documents are forged.  Criminal document fraud has been committed on behalf of Obama.  These crimes need to be investigated and prosecuted. And since representations of the forged birth certificate where used in every state in the country by Obama and his campaign to fund-raise, a legal nexus has been established between Obama and his campaign and every state, which allows each state Attorney General to investigate and prosecute. They also received via the DVD the tools on the DVD to obtain a copy of forged PDF file directly off the site themselves and instructions to have their own computer forensic experts take a look and study the evidence of forgery in the PDF file birth certificate document themselves.

Obama Used the Image of the Forged Long
Form Birth Certificate PDF File in Every State
to Raise Money. Thus a Legal Criminal Nexus
Has Been  Established Between Obama and
Each and Every State — Using His Image
with the Representation of a Forged
ID Document for Financial Gain.
It was also announced that Mike Volin will be leading a follow-up campaign on the mass mailing and is the contact person for the Sheriffs and others mailed to.  He has already received contacts and feedback from Sheriffs and others as a result of this mass mailing.  And many more are anticipated.  Mike can be reached via the email contact link in his website or via telephone by calling this number:  570-394-2570 .

Since the Congress has still not been acting after repeatedly being informed of the forged identity documents used by Obama via visits to them in DC and their local offices, we are now taking another approach — a grass-roots, bottom-up approach to educate law-enforcement officials in every corner of this great nation about the identity fraud seated in the Oval Office.  The major media has been and still is covering up and protecting the fraud-and-usurper-in-chief, Barack Obama.  But with this ongoing campaign, we are now bypassing them and going right to the key law-enforcement people in every state and county in the country — and even to the territories such as Guam.  We will be building a prairie fire under the feet of the Congress.  They will be hearing more shortly from — We the People.  They will soon feel the heat.

Major funding for this mass Sheriff Kit DVD mailing was provided by and .  Additional funding was provided by donations from concerned Americans.  Thank you to all who donated.  And thank you to all the volunteers who helped get this mass mailing of Sheriff Kit DVDs accomplished.  The time, talent, and treasure of all who stepped forward to help is what made this project a success.

If you would like a personal copy of the Sheriff Kit, visit: and request a free copy of a Sheriff Kit or download an “.iso” file copy directly from the site and make/burn your own DVD copy locally. Request or make multiple copies and give them to anyone locally you can — local talk radio or talk TV show hosts and local newspaper editors or op-ed piece writers.  Also give copies to their respective in-house graphics experts. If you personally know your country sheriff, take him/her another copy and ask them about it.  Tell them how much the lawlessness coming out of DC bothers you.  Circulate this evidence far and wide.  Spread the word!  Let’s light that prairie fire under Congress’ feet!
Make it happen!  Bravo Zulu!   CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret) —