Saturday, January 24, 2015

Officer Down: Birther Patriot Sheriff 
Richard Mack Suffered A Heart Attack

According to the Constitutional Sheriffs and Police Officers Association, outspoken critic of Barry Obama, Sheriff Richard Mack suffered a heart attack on January 12th, 2015 and is now recovering at home.

Some may recall Sheriff Mack was present at the CSPOA closed-door presentation of Sheriff Joe Arpaio's investigation findings into Obama's identity documents conducted by lead investigator Mike Zullo back in 2013.

Rick Dalton at CSPOA reports:

CSPOA Founder and President Richard Mack recovering after Heart Attack 
Sheriff Richard Mack suffered a heart attack January 12th, and we are happy to announce that he is recovering well at home.  A stent was placed in a blocked artery and he expected to make a full recovery. 
Sheriff Mack expressed gratitude for the outpouring of prayer and well-wishes that has been sent on his behalf.  “I’m very grateful for my family, friends and associates across the nation, and I thank God that those many prayers were answered”, he said. 
One way people can show their support and gratitude for his tireless efforts to restore liberty in America is to go to the CSPOA store and purchase his books and join CSPOA.  None of the leadership in CSPOA are paid, and Sheriff Mack has no retirement.  His only income is from the sales of his books and honorariums at speaking engagements.  He has had to ask CSPOA Executive Vice President Rick Dalton to fill in for several speaking engagements due to his medical situation, and this reduces his income. 
Any help you can offer is very much appreciated. [.] CSPOA.

According to CDR Kerchner, Sheriff Mack's son set up a Go Fund Me page to help support Sheriff Mack.