Tuesday, January 20, 2015

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Investigative Journalist: Obama Eligibility Still 
On Everyone's Mind; Obama Born In Canada!?

Dr. Jack Cashill says he was at a large Tea Party meeting and Obama's eligibility was still on everyone's mind.

Dr. Cashill also discussed Obama's mysterious and ever-changing backgound. The real doc jabbed the respected conservative media for being in lockstep with the "mainstream" media in regards to Obama's background.

Cashill's three possible reasons why Obama's birth certificate is altered:

  1. the Obama birth certificate was amended after adoption by Indonesian citizen Lolo Soetoro
  2. there's a real chance Obama was born in Vancouver, Canada
  3. Obama was not born in a hospital

The full segment here ...

( Audio via Peter Boyles @ KNUS. Hat tip Chris. )

There's a problem when 47% of the American people are not sure if Obama is even a U.S. citizen...

There is a real simple way to end all of this ...