Thursday, January 29, 2015

Fox News Video: Karl Rove Says Benghazi Potentially Like 
Obama Article II Eligibility & Identity Document Fraud Issues

AR sent in the following: [video provided below]

Last Tonight's O'Reilly Factor, Karl Rove as guest: Rove discussing Hillary's 2016 run and why Hillary might have allowed so much Benghazi dirt to pile up before she tried to correct that. (Now that Hillary says she WANTS to talk to congress about Benghazi). Rove compares it to "this is sort of like, potentially like pResident Obama-- remember how he let all this conversation go about how he was not really born in the United States of America, and it took him years before he finally put it out". [By "putting 'it' out", sounds like Rove is referring to the fake b.c]." He loves having conservatives talk about it". Rove goes on to say (imply) that was because Barry, like Hillary, has "insulation" on certain topics, so she knows it doesn't matter what gets said.

Barry knew he had "insulation" on the eligibility matter? Like what kind of insulation? Insulation = protection. Like an NSA-blackmailed congress/judges? Like a CIA-created cover identity that the CIA is not likely to allow to be broken?

Interesting little comment by Rove. [.]

( Video via Fox News. Full video. )

Obama's very pleased with folks like O'Reilly/Rove for advocating against adjudication of Obama's eligibility/docs.